There is strength in numbers. 35,000+ pharmacies — type strength.

Patients need your product, and we want to help them get it. How? By contracting, aligning, supporting and servicing your product to your ideal customer at over 35,000 pharmacies in the USA.

Agnostic Approach

With millions of Americans facing unique health challenges and needs, this means a lot to us. Asembia creates a singular experience for patients. We open the door to patient choice, ensuring consistent experiences and delivering it in a completely neutral and agnostic approach.

Tailored Network

We understand that one size does NOT fit all! So, we’ve created a tailored pharmacy network for our partners. We help companies of all sizes with network strategies that solve for redundancy, security, access and provide you with transparency. We do what it takes, for you to succeed.

From MD to Delivery

The administrative burden to maintain your own network or work with multiple partners is removed when you work with Asembia. Our integrated model removes the silos; increasing operational efficiency and reducing spend so that you can invest back into your brand.

Scalable Capacity

Big, small and everything in between.
We target network size and scope
to fit program needs.

Custom Network

Together we design the network with appropriate payer and access for your brands.

Diverse Membership

Our reach is wide and inclusive of pharmacy types – retail, specialty, health system, home delivery, and more.

Full Visibility

Asembia-1 provides you a view of prescription and delivery status in real-time, every time.

Flexible Fulfillment

We help you reach your patients on their terms, we meet them where they are.

Pharmacy Network

It takes a village, so we built one.

We’re excited to work with you! Let’s get started, shall we?

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