Do More. Save More. Help More. Together.

As a leading Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Asembia negotiates discounts with distributors, and vendors, finds rebates, fee-to-service programs and creates other incentive opportunities that save our partners money and time.

Grow Your Business by Growing Your Referrals

By aggregating and sharing critical information like lab tests, patient charts, and how specific drug therapy will be covered, we help turn a bottleneck process into a pop-a-bottle-of-bubbly to celebrate the experience.

Creating a Win-Win. Pharmacies Increase Profitability. Manufacturers Increase ROI.

One of our most powerful tools is the relationships we’ve built over the years. It’s what allows us to get the best prices and results for our manufacturers, distributors, vendors, and suppliers.

Traditional Brands, Generics + Limited Distribution and Specialty

Our connections are your connections (and we’re pretty connected #humblebrag). As a key player in the pharmaceutical industry, we are the first point of contract for pharma/biotech manufacturers. That means one thing: unparalleled access.

Product Cost Savings

Our longstanding relationships translate to unparalleled savings.

Dedicated Support

From sourcing and procurement, to troubleshooting challenges, we meet challenges with actionable solutions.

Business Intelligence

Avoid challenges, increase profitability and enjoy time-saving efficiencies with purchasing reports, price validation and benchmarking.

Data Analytics

Monitor trends in real time, discover patterns, and collaborate with seasoned experts to help make better decisions.

Supply Chain Advantages

Strength in numbers: Electronic purchasing audits, buy-in alerts, rebate forecasting and processing.

Targeted Programs

We are THE experts in disease state specific and customized contracting strategies.

Group Purchasing

Wherever you are, Asembia can help you grow your business — now.

We’re excited to work with you! Let’s get started, shall we?


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